Last night four Canadians became a millionaire with Big Lotto Max

There were four tickets holder who were very lucky and they won a lot of cash who became millionaire in just within a night. From 10th April, there were four winners who become millionaire. There is still a jackpot left worth of $70 million, so if you weren’t there can grab this golden opportunity to won this jackpot. For the lotto Max Draw dated April 10, there were around 27 Max millions prizes which was worth $1 million each. There were total four tickets in which two were sold in the Ontario and the other two were sold in Prairies.

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This means those lucky ticket holders are now millionaires and thanks to the lottery. This is the prize which might not seem like a huge in comparison to such a big jackpot, but there’s a lot a person could do with just $1 million. Whereas, winning that would probably make staying at home during this time which seems good for the health as well. If a person is living in those parts of the country where these tickets are being sold, can have a try.

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Maybe this can help you in winning the lottery ticket and can be the next lucky winner. Where $70 million jackpot was not won and is till to grab the new draw dated on April 14.Along with the jackpot, 29 more Max millions prizes will also be available for people across the country to win that day.

The Four winning Max millions tickets were sold in Alberta as well in which for the draw week a earlier in Newfoundland and Labrador and Prairies the Canadians won $1 million prizes. Tickets are available online in order to avoid leaving houses and can get a chance to become billionaire. When the jackpot reaches to $50 million, those $1 million Max millions prizes are also offered.

Lotto, Big Lotto Max, Canadians, big lotto winner, big lotto max winners, Canada big lottery

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